We love our handmade toys as much as kids do!

A common concern parents have is the quality of children’s toys. Poorly created ones have often led to a disastrous aftermath, which is why health and safety is and will always be our top priority. The inception of Freiatoys happened way back in 2006 – but our objective has been consistent, which is to manufacture toys from natural and eco-friendly materials. We exercise all necessary precautions to ensure that Mother Earth remains clean and unpolluted by using the best possible materials.

Decades back, there was a popular tradition of grandmothers knitting dolls for their darling grandbabies – it was painstakingly done with a lot of love and care. Our goal is to delve into the past and bring back the custom of handmade dolls that children will adore and treasure, even when they grow up. Dolls by Freiatoys are not mere toys – they are keepsakes for life that will be a fond reminder about their happy childhood days.

Wooden toys are trendy for decades. They are timeless. We could find that there is some value sticking in these toys. Wooden toys have high sentimental values compared to the other toys. They grow with the kid and are passed on to the next generation. Therefore, the toy becomes more of a family member and carries some sentimental value with them.

Children learn by playing and it is a well known fact that children learn faster at a younger age. Therefore, concentration while learning new things help them to learn better and faster. One of the important benefits of using Education wooden kits is that they will not distract the child from learning.

The wooden toys give a classic and rich feel when compared to the other toys. They can be used even as a home décor when the kid grows and there is no one to play with the toy anymore. They grow with the child that it gives back the memories of someone’s childhood even when they grow in to an adult.  

All toys by Freiatoys are one-of-a-kind – we promise a unique experience, and that is exactly what you will get. It speaks volumes about the skills and craftsmanship of our artisans, who work hard to bring smiles to the faces of kids all around the world. Each toy reflects the passion and love invested in it! 

Rest assured, children will really enjoy playing with Freiatoys, and even adults will be tempted to join in and take a trip down memory lane. Beams, grins, and giggles – that is all we hope to achieve with our humble endeavor!